Last week Giggs paid a visit so we could mix a track that was recorded here a little while back with Jeremih. VBS came to film an interview with him and get some studio footage which I’m told it will appear on their Noisey site soon…

Also since last time we’ve had, amongst others, Zoo Kid, Cerebral Ballzy, and members of The Horrors in the booth. Thankfully I’ve got my camera back now so I can document these kind of things a bit better from now on.

Yesterday Acyde and I went through a lot of new material from The Shining – a new project he has started with Hyperdub’s Morgan Zarate. Head to their soundcloud where you can hear the brilliant ‘Hey You’, for a limited time.
He played me some really impressive stuff including the start of a track that makes maybe the best ever use of the Whodini ‘I’m a Ho’ beat. Inspired.